Ken Shaw loves television, film and video. Ken has had the opportunity to work with some of  the most wonderful talent in his 30 years in the television industry. Ken loves taking a project from its infancy to the final stage.

Lifestyle with Denise Simons said,

“Kens ability to listen to the clients desires along with his skills in video work allow him to produce award winning work. His contribution took our Lifestyle with Denise Simons to the Emmys. He works tirelessly and his pleasant personality is a plus. He makes the process a joy!”

Ken graduated with a BPS (Bachelor of Profession Studies in Film and Television) from the University of Memphis in 1985. He has traveled the world capturing sights and sounds from many nations!


Daniel Butler, host for “America’s Dumbest Criminals” and writer for some of the Ernest Movies from Disney says,

“Ken has an “eye” for great moments. He has demonstrated his ability to capture moments, gestures and words, I never saw or heard. Ken and I have worked together for years because a project gets results from those gifts of the person behind the lens and in the editing room. I watched as he applied that gift in Central America. That twelve minutes of Ken’s video funded and staffed a high school that is entering its second decade. Just as important is Ken’s dedication to, as my father used to say, “do what you say you’re going to do.” That’s a partner. Bottom line, Ken is a “go to” guy.”